• Senior Portraits

    Senior Portraits

    There is plenty to be excited about with Summer on the horizon. Already there are travel arrangements being made to reconnect with Tachowa in Los Angeles and then to Bristol to see and film the last leg of the Banksy: The Room In The Elephant through to Scotland. The audience feedback has been beautiful and immeasurable and I am eager to connect with more of these audiences on the ground in their own backyard. With that in mind, I'd like to book some portrait sessions between now and then, and what better time than the present for senior portraits? I'd be happy to commemorate your high school graduation with personalized photographs that give voice to who you are, what you love, and where you're goin'.

    Students own all the images after the shoot with rights to make all the prints you want!

    contact me at 214.476.9297 for pricing


  • Good News

    Good News

    This time around it's more like a dream. No, it's like a fantasy. How often do I get to gush about how grateful I am to complete strangers in halbonics. I've had some serious practice this week as all of the ongoings continue to confirm that there is something much bigger happening. The connection the audience is having is making this worth everything.  My favorite quote I've heard someone say is "2+2=5 when you put the play and film together and I can't put my finger on how it works... but, it does." The two work as a whole and yet, were created independantly. It's fascinating how it's all came together. More and more coincidences get added to a list I no longer update. It's just how things are now, I guess. From London, the future looks bright as it tours to a few other UK theatres. Next stop after this is Venice Beach, where it will be performed for Tachowa and all those whom may still be thinking, this wasn't real.

    Here is what folks had to say about the play and film, in London, on opening night.

  • Teaser #5 - Something From Nothing

    After working with what seems like a focus group of friends, my last few months have stretched my ideas out of what I was limited to perceive. It wasn't easy. I am always the right one when I am alone. We would all have a difference of opinions as we all come from a different up bringing and cultures all together. One of my friends is from Russia and the other is from East Texas. Another is a yoga teacher/life coach. And last, the film's editor, who just spent 23 years in advertising. All those folks roll up into a nice luxury problem sized joint that was burned like the old love letters and things you couldn't stand to look at anymore. We all want the same message to be heard and it turns out that we come from the same broken planks from the same old ships with the same sized wholes in our hearts. New rituals have been made and others where embraced. At times we feel like we are so different, however, it's just different ways of trying to express the same thing. For example, in Texas, we only have one or two words for "snow".

    Here is what someone across the pond has to say about what we are doing over here.

  • We wanna go where our friends are.

    When I asked Grandma about Tachowa all she could remember was that he was black and he fixed her washing machine. More than that happened, however, when I'm not wearing my glasses, I don't hear so well either. What I mean is, she's blind and not as directable. I then moved off of the "Hal Show" and into Grandmaland where she got to sing "Smile" by Nat King Cole and talk about when she first came to Dallas in the 1950's and how it was like the Wild West. Grandma's stories are more fun anyways.

    When you make a commitment to something that you regard as your highest calling does it reflect in how you spend your off time? Do you take your work/purpose with you everywhere you go? If so, I encourage you to teach me how this can work and you keep from going mental at the same time. After knowing you are who you are and have lived with yourself for a while, you begin to establish some rules. Like bedtime, when to eat, and the basic of what to touch and how long to hold something that is hot comes naturally. Then, there is a will that comes in when you feel that you can endure anything if it means you will get the prize. I confused the run for the race, for longer than I would like to admit. Taking time to be friends and family makes the person I am whole. And, in order for me to be able to discern all my craziness, it helps me not feel as bad when I surround myself with those whom I'm to blame for it. With that being said, I took time to visit some old friends, mom and step-dad, and grandmother this last week. Everyone needs a little time, every now and then.

  • So much stuff

    A dozen of my friends have come into the studio over the last week to talk about their experinces with the project and help me proccess all that is happening and about to happen in the next few months. Each of them has a very unique place in my heart as they all have been inspirational and are people whom I look up to for one reason or another. If you ever want to know what it's like to have a bunch of cool friends who are all pulling for you, keep coming back to this blog.


    Be seeing you.

  • HEY


    After a long time of being gone from blogging, I’m finally back!  I have been spending most of my time trying to figure out how to just simply make it to the next step of this project that I’ve been working on called “Something From Nothing” (somethingfromnothingthemovie.com).  I've had no shortage of FB or Myspace posts over the years.  However, in order to feel like I’m really connecting, I’d like to give more content and allow it to have more of a lifespan. Therefore, you will be able to return to this blog on a weekly basis and find out everything that is going on, in and around this project, as we get ready for it’s release on April 1st, in London.

    For the last couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of processing everything that’s happened with Tessa Todd of TRIESSENCE. Her acting as my life coach through this allows me to have the focus and discernment necessary to be the best steward of this message. Part of that process has been coming up with the next couple of hundred hours of footage, logging, data recovery, scheduling interviews and mapping out the plan to have eveerything ready for the release. 

    Included in this post: a teaser/trailer and a raw video clip (that may or may not make it to the final product of the 45-minute short but, I feel it is important for me to share regardless). 

    We were going through some footage the other night that had been missing for five years and recently found.  This was taken during my second time to be together out of 18 visits with Tachowa over the last five and a half years..

    In the found footage are some great shots of him rollerblading, explaining how he built everything in the tank, as well as moments of us just getting to hang out and have fun. I’m more than thrilled to have these tapes back. All of those moments I wasn’t able to find in the other tapes because things changed over time.

    It's tough on me because I realized I’m in the same place that I was in five years ago…wanting to find a movie that will change the world.  However, it was a confirmation, as I got to see myself be earnest and recognize this hope in me. It's given me the fuel I need for whatever is next.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Thanks for your love and support!


    Be seeing you.